Yoga is the science of self discovery, allow us to guide you to your internal medicine through Yoga techniques while bringing your entire body into balance.  

Enjoy a sustainable practice to take you through your entire life.

Experience a time of balance for your body, mind and spirit. At Marti Ewing Yoga Therapy, mind and body meet harmoniously as we guide you through Yoga designed to balance every joint in your skeletal structure and leave you feeling rejuvenated – bringing harmony to mind,  body and soul.

Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice for You -

*Improves heart health

*Relieves stress

*Boosts immune system

*Enhances cognitive abilities

*Balances skeletal structure

*Restores range of motion

*Restores proper alignment

*Optimizes muscle balance

*Cultivates physical awareness


Nourishment for your body and soul!

logo unnamedNAMASTE-

- may the divine light in me shine on the divine light in you-