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  • Kombucha Making Starter Kit


    SHORT DESCRIPTION: Start making your own kombucha for less than 1/2 the price. Purchase your Kombucha Making Starter Kit from Marti today for only $25, including shipping!
    Starter Kit includes:
    SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria)
    Cheese cloth

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    Not sure about making kombucha yourself? Click here to learn about my next Kombucha Making Workshop!

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  • Aromatherapy Lavender Mist


    Straight from an old-fashioned lavender farm in sunny Provence to my private yoga studio in Montrose, this lavender mist is the way I like to conclude every class. With just a few sprays around the room, the calming aroma contributes to a healing Shavasana and a sweet send-off into the world when class ends.

    I make it myself from oil purchased directly from one special farmer I met in the market of Lyons, and now I am making some for you.  Lavender has anti-bacterial properties, as well as a relaxing effect on our neurological system. The uses are endless. Spray some lightly on your pillow before you go to bed at night.  Mix it with water and use it when you iron.  Spray it in your car on a hot Texas day or even on yourself to cool down at the pool.  Multi-purpose, pure and made just for you.

    • All purpose – Room, Face or Mat
    • 4.0 Fl Oz
    • Ingredients: Nothing but rainwater and French lavender oil
    • Positively Charged, no chemicals or additives
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  • Kombucha Making Workshop



    SOLD OUT!! – Look for our next class soon

    SHORT DESCRIPTION: If you have been paying $3 a bottle for store bought kombucha, this class is for you!
    DATE: Saturday February 9, 2019
    TIME: 2:00 – 3:30 PM
    WHERE: 1128 W Pierce, 77019
    COST: $35.00

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