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I am so grateful to Marti for my recuperative therapy classes after my injury. I am able to walk without pain and do yoga again! Love her classes! I am still taking them even though I am fully healed because I need it to keep my pain from coming back. Marti is a gentle, knowledgeable and patient teacher that will guide you to a very relaxing and healing state of being. Lauren, 42

Marti offers private lessons, corporate classes, workshops, nutrition consultations,  retreats, and teacher training

  • Restores and maintains the body’s appropriate range of motion
  • Creates good alignment
  • Develops muscle balance
  • Cultivates physical awareness

Recuperative yoga recognizes that not every pose is for everybody and puts the spotlight on muscle functions and body mechanics. Simple exercises and yoga postures restore balance, strength, and flexibility. This very specialized practice is good for those recuperating from an injury or illness. It also benefits athletes recuperating between games.

The advantages of this practice can be seen in faster recovery times, longer strides, and better range of motion.  Her teaching incorporates strength building and stress reduction techniques, along with restorative practices.

When Marti is not teaching group fitness she can be found coaching others in healthy lifestyle choices in her private practice.
Other accomplishments:
– She created the yoga program in the Integrative Medicine Department at St. Luke’s Hospital in the Houston Medical center, where physicians write consults for yoga and meditation. This includes work with children as well as hospice patients.

-Created Yoga Program for the South Texas Veterans Administration Hospital as the first Yoga Therapist in the Whole Health Program and started a Tele Health program

– Worked with Baylor College of Medicine to create a class for post-op breast cancer patients and has special training in Pink Ribbon Yoga

– Developed a meditation component for initial nurse training at St. Luke’s Hospital

-Developed a  line of all-natural therapeutic healing products ( check out the shop page)


What kinds of painful issues can be helped through yoga?

  • Lower back pain including disc problems, arthritic joints, or muscle spasms.
  • Neck issues including nerve-related problems, bone spurs, neck spasms, and chronic neck tension.
  • Hip problems including joint issues, bursitis, muscle strains, and arthritis.
  • Shoulder issues including rotator cuff injuries, postural issues, and arthritic conditions.
  • Various joint pains, arthritis, inflammation, fibromyalgia, and other assorted issues.
  • Chronic Stress Disorder.
  • Almost any painful condition.
  • can aid in the managing of symptoms for scoliosis, Parkinson,  Cerebral Palsy, MS , Scoliosis, and many other condition of compromised mental and physical health.  Click on the link below to see what people are saying !

As a certified yoga instructor, with advanced training, my focus is on alignment-based Ha-tha Yoga.  My classes include a mix of recuperative yoga, strength building, meditation, and breathing techniques. These four tenets build strength in an appropriate and sustainable way for my clients.

Marti Ewing 500 Yoga Hours San Antonia Texas

Marti Ewing 500 Yoga Hours

Marti Ewing is a certified Yoga Therapist -

What is Therapeutic/Adaptive/Recuperative Yoga ?

-A note from Marti –

It’s a blend of yogic technologies focused on supporting people in healing: restorative postures, gentle yoga, breathwork, hands-on healing, guided imagery. TY is geared toward fitting yoga to the person, not making the person fit the yoga. It looks at an individual’s special needs and creates a healing practice.

Traditionally, in India, all yoga is for healing. Therapeutic yoga is an evolution of what was needed, and what could easily be brought into hospitals. I have worked to create a way of teaching people who are very ill, combining simple propping, meditation and SOMETHING ELSE.  Cultivating your own inner awareness.

These gentle, practices are deeply relaxing. They turn off the stress—or fight/flight response and turn on the parasympathetic, or rest/digest response. When we get calm, the body starts to focus on mending. Then it’s about going inside, meeting whatever needs healing. We mentally scan the body and find the tension, meet it with the breath, soften, and explore. TY is a time of bringing compassion and breath to those areas, along with guided meditation and soothing imagery. I have seen through my work how vital it is to the healing process to turn off the stress response.

My clients include those going through cancer treatments, stroke recovery, heart transplants, and pain management issues to more skeletal issues like frozen shoulder, sacroiliac joint pain, sports injuries, sciatica, and spinal stenosis. With my special certifications in Pink Ribbon Yoga and Yoga and Oncology, I am able to help those going through chemotherapy, and in the recovery phases, meeting the special needs of these patients. I encourage these clients to not be defined by their illness. Yoga is empowering and allows you to work at your optimum-whatever level that might be today. All sessions are followed by relaxation and meditation.

I see yoga as preventative  and I always encourage people to not wait until they have an issue to fix. Instead, start now in a consistent yoga practice that will support better choices in everything from what you choose to eat to how you hold your body. Yoga reduces stress and brings balance to mind and body, promoting wellness and healing.

Marti is now offering teacher training. See the workshop tab for Continuing Education Hours and teacher immersions.

Private lessons both in-home and in-studio can be arranged by request.

An instructor is first and foremost a yogi, a practitioner of yoga, and continuing education helps the yogi strengthen his or her practice ability to guide others on the yogic path.

Yoga is a life long study , just as the teacher teaches she must also learn- Here are some of Marti’s accomplishments.
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