A New Season A New You Part II: Good Shoulder Back Health

Marti Ewing Recuperative Yoga Therapy - Houston, TX

Join Marti for a workshop perfect for the Spring Season!

DATE: Sunday, March 18, 2018
TIME: 2:00 – 5:00 PM
WHERE: 1128 W. Pierce, 77019
PRICE: $35

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Feeling pain in your body? Back or Shoulders? Learn ways to reduce pain in your body. Learn how to get the most from your Yoga Practice while reducing the risk of injury.

Join me for Part II (did not have to attend Part I) a workshop to kick off Spring and the New You, as you embark on resolutions to get fit through yoga in 2018. Learn how to pace yourself as you embark on this lifelong practice, and how to align your postures so that they’re challenging, enjoyable and, above all, safe.

Many yoga injuries aren’t the result of impact, but of repeating movements done incorrectly, or of doing postures that worsen existing injuries. But a few simple tips and techniques can prevent injury and make possible a practice that is sustainable, enriching, and fun.

Learn techniques and modifications based on an understanding of anatomy, as well as years of experience teaching gentle, recuperative yoga. We’ll discuss proper placement of hips and shoulders, how to build strength and mobility safely, and poses to avoid. Start the New Year armed with knowledge and a renewed insight into your own body that will serve you well as you fulfill your desire for a healthier life in the years ahead.

Marti can offer tips and techniques that can lead to corrections.

Come learn some common mistakes and easy techniques that will help you strengthen in a manner that creates positive change in your body. Learn about ways to stabilize your back and improve your shoulder ROM, how to gain strength, how to know if you are hyper- mobile and issues, how to eliminate many common over stretches, modifications for many common poses like plank , camel pose and upward dog.

Start the Spring off armed with knowledge. Become an expert of your own body. CEU’s available.

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