The Core Muscle Group: Strength through Stabilization

As a Recuperative Yoga teacher I see a wide variety of people with different bodies, and flexibility but rarely do I see anyone who has over-worked the core. The belly, the gut – (there I said it) can be one of the most challenging areas to engage and build strength. There are multiple core muscle groups both in the back and front of the core.

It is a modern day affliction; ancient Yogi’s had much different lives and was much stronger. It is not entirely our fault, modern day living has left us soft. We no longer have to chop down trees to heat our homes. In fact, I am surprised I don’t get more folks recuperating from an over worked finger with all the button pushing we do in our society. This is why I suggest all my students attend Core Conditioning.

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Core Muscle Group - Marti Ewing Recuperative Yoga - Houston, TXThe facts are that week core muscles can create so many imbalances in our body and eventually pain. The core is the foundation upon which all movement is based. These muscle groups stabilize the spine and allow the body to move. Every single movement you make is initiated by the core. With a week core another muscle group takes over, causing instability. This makes creating and maintaining a strong core crucial to good health and a balanced body. Yoga, generally assumes your core is pretty strong so in order to reduce injury, some additional core work is often necessary. My goals for my students are simple; a safe and beneficial yoga practice. A strong core will reduce injuries in yoga and in life, (especially back injuries), improve posture, increase balance and stability and will even aid in digestion.

Looking to improve core strength?

I have added a new class called Core Conditioning that happens two times every week.
Mondays: 5:00PM – 6:00PM & Thursdays: 3:30PM – 4:30PM

Core Conditioning builds underlying muscles such as abs, making them strong, stable and flexible.

The classes are taught in a small setting with a lot of personal attention to form. We will do progressive weight training in a way that is safe and mindful. This class is designed to compliment a Yoga practice and with continuity you will soon feel stronger in your body. All levels and ages welcome. You do not need a strong core to attend. You will develop that over time.

This in not your typical group class. My style is fun, safe and supportive. Unique exercises, taught by a teacher with over ten years anatomy experience- a strong muscle is a flexible muscle . In addition, I have even created a private Facebook page to support our group. At the end of class we have a short discussion about diet, sleep, nutrition where we can exchange ideas.

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