Art as Meditation

Much like yoga , pottery is a meditation :

Marti’s husband,  Peter Ewing is a local artist in Houston, and lives in Montrose. His
pottery is all hand made in a local studio. He began his work as a
potter while in college in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  In Bowling Green ,  he was
inspired by the beautiful simplicity of life in the Appalachians. The
unique folk art of the area are examples of art that is simple elegance,  but also
utilitarian in nature.

Peter’s work is a creation, but also a meditation into simplicity and
beauty. The clay informs the artist hands of the shape and design
that is guided by his intuition. A melding of love, creativity,
shape, and form, all blended together to produce very special one
of a kind pieces.

His work is a true reflection of community, as it was Marti’s
yoga community that rejoined the artist with the process.

The deep relaxations in yoga allowed the creative spirit to arise,
but also almost magically one of Marti’s yoga students owned a
gallery just walking distance form Peters home. Studio time was
traded for Peter’s carpentry skills and thus the re-ignition oh his passion and the talent
for pottery was reborn.

There is nothing more beautiful than a handmade bowl; each one
has their own personality. Each piece takes several days or longer
to create; the process includes the works at the potter’s wheel, the
glaze and the firing process. Bring simple, elegant beauty into your
own life.

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