Retreat Testimonial from Lisa

My Name is Lisa Waring Sicarus

INTERVIEWER: On the retreat, here, What was your favorite sensory experience of the retreat, and how did it benefit your stay?

LISA: I loved being in the pyramid. It was such an incredible space. All the land surrounding it, everything has been curated. You just see that intention and thoughtfulness that surrounds the space.

And when you enter into [the pyramid], you can feel this extreme focus on quiet, on silence, self reflection, and deep peacefulness. And that is really a singular experience that you can find here.


LISA: Personally, I think taking that time to be quiet, to listen to yourself, to listen to what’s coming to you from the Divine, it’s super special. Its really needed in such a loud and noisy world. I felt grateful for the chance to focus, and have that energy funneled though this pyramid, and amplified.