Core Conditioning Class

Become stronger than you have ever been before.

DATES: Mondays – 5:00PM – 6:00PM
DATES: Thursdays – 3:30PM – 4:30PM
COST: $80 (4 classes @$20/class)

The focus of Core Conditioning is to develop the muscle groups used in many traditional yoga poses and other activities and to create balanced strength between all muscle groups.

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It is important that you attend all 4 classes to get optimum benefit from the teachings. Frequently, muscle aches and strains or lack of advancement in physical skills may mean you are missing some important elements in your fitness training. This class teaches creative and effective routines to develop strength and conditioning in all muscle groups.

This in not your typical group class. My style is fun, safe and supportive. Unique exercises, taught by a teacher with over ten years anatomy experience- a strong muscle is a flexible muscle . In addition, I have even created a private Facebook page to support our group. At the end of class we have a short discussion about diet, sleep, nutrition where we can exchange ideas.

What are the benefits of Core Conditioning?

  • It creates proper strength which protects our muscles and joints from strain during exercise.
  • It allows us to advance further in our yoga and other physical activities.
  • Proper core strength allows us access to greater physical abilities.
  • A strong core reduces back and neck pain.
  • Core Conditioning classes are fun!
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