Are you tired of being in pain?

Are you recovering from illness or injury?

Do you simply want to feel the relaxation of a gentle practice?

Do you need a more accessible Yoga class for your ability ?

Everyone deserves equal access to the ancient teachings of yoga, which offer individual empowerment and spiritual awakening…

Private and Group Lessons are available in San Antonio.  Book a class or call 210-538-4910 and see how this unique practice of Recuperative Yoga can help.

Experience a time of balance for your body, mind, and spirit. In a private consultation, we’ll work together to identify your greatest strengths and weaker areas that will benefit the most from a yoga practice.  Learn what works best for you. We will develop a plan that meets your specific needs. Learn yoga as it was intended for your body, at your own pace, and fitness level.

Marti Ewing Recuperative Yoga specializes in Recuperative and Therapeutic yoga classes.
Off-site classes or in-home are currently available. Marti brings the studio to your home!

Working privately with Marti, I have been able to improve my form and technique and understand the mechanics behind the poses. Instead of weakening my skeletal structure by doing inappropriate poses for my body issues, Marti has shown me modifications that help me build strength where I really need it, in a safe way.
– Jan, 54

Marti usually suggests private lessons first where you can expect a postural assessment, a discussion of your overall health, and health goals,  and development of a plan . Mart’s goal is to educate her students, through evidenced-based practices so they can be armed with knowledge and make the best choices for their own body.  A private yoga session allows for communication between students and teacher. There is more time to understand each pose, the alignment, and how it will work best for your body.  Come and experience what a PRIVATE lesson will do for you.


  • Feeling low energy?
  • Wanting to try yoga but have a lot of questions?
  • Looking to build strength, flexibility, and give your body the attention it needs?
  • Seeking weight loss?
  • Need to manage stress and gain clarity?
  • Need a safe practice, a bridge to get back into exercising?
  • Have a busy schedule?

LETS TALK! Special introductory rates!

Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice

  • Improves heart health
  • Relieves stress
  • Boosts immune system
  • Enhances cognitive abilities
  • Balances skeletal structure
  • Restores proper alignment
  • Optimizes muscle balance
  • Cultivates physical awareness

Yoga nourishes your body and soul!